The Updated Google Shopper

As the internet’s interactive nature has greatly affected the way we get things done at work, how it has affected the way we purchase products has also undergone a paradigm shift, one which the rise of online shopping portals and sites stand as a testament to.

In recognizing the value inherently found in online shopping practices, Google recently released an update for Shopper, its featured shopping portal app and service, accessible through the net or via Android driven devices or browser-device combinations.

With a new user interface being its more evident highlights, below are some of the new features found in the updated Google Shopper.

The New Google Shopper
The New Google Shopper

Recognizing the value of item photos when talking about online shopping, the new Google Shopper comes with a redesigned interface, allowing for bigger images to be viewed, with faster response rates for enhanced online shopper experiences.

Also sporting an enhanced sales screen, the updated Google Shopper makes it easy for users to find discount announcements and sales, as well as readily facilitates image-centric searches for products and items, regardless if shirts or game consoles are being talked about.

Combined with GoodGuide product ratings, Google Shopper users can make better decisions over which product they wish to purchase, a feature which every online shopper knows is valuable and important.

With support for push notifications, users of the updated Google Shopper can gain updates and information about new offers and new deals, along with enhanced online retail promotions, sale campaigns and more.

Redeveloped with the online shopper’s particulars and needs in mind, the new Google Shopper certainly makes the whole processes involved in online shopping quick, informed and easy.

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