Rumor: The ‘droid will sport newer, flatter look

android new flat icons

Amidst all the upcoming Google I/O news and feature stories, a “leak and newsbits” bit touching up on Google’s plans for the mobile OS has recently come up, delving into Google’s alleged plans of redesigning the Android ecosystem with a newer, flatter look. Based on a series of leaked images featured on Android Police, it […]

Enhance your Android experience with Android Assistant


As fully featured as Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 may be, there’s no reason why Galaxy S users can’t further enhance the way they use and control their devices with superb apps like Android Assistant. Compatible with smartphones and tablets running on Android 2.3 or higher, the suite is basically an all-in-one use, navigation […]

iOS to open its doors to third-party developers, in the release of more immersed apps

iOS to open its doors to third-party developers, in the release of more immersed apps

It’s often argued that while Apple’s iOS mobile ecosystem is quite solid and stable, this standing is owed to the fact that it is not as open to third-party developers when compared against its main rival, Android. However, it appears that things may just change for the iOS mobile operating system, in terms of how […]

Android 4.3 videos show up on line, features enhanced UI

Android 4.3 videos show up on line, features enhanced UI

While screenshots of Android 4.3 running on a Nexus 4 mobile device taken during the Thailand Mobile Expo is considered old news by now, a “follow up” on the said news recently came up, this time talking about a video showing the new Android OS’ version’s enhancements. Droid-Life reports that videos of Android 4.3 have […]

Android 4.3 rumored to be unveiled by June 10, along with the Nexus 4


Galaxy S3 users are quite aware of how important new Android versions can be, given the fact that updated versions of the mobile operating system is known to come with functional features that go beyond simply being trivial updates. For those questioning just when the next Android version would be released, a report from Android […]

Android users prefer Utilities, while iOS users are more into games

Android users

Distimo recently ran a feature covering the “Top Global Apps of April 2013”. While a feature touching up on the top app downloads in the Android and iOS mobile platforms isn’t exactly all that groundbreaking, the report raises and interesting point, something which Android and iOS device owners would want to know about: Android users […]

Are phtablets fully utilized as portable communication devices?


While tablets are all the rage in today’s recent product unveilings and launchings, the details featured by Flurry Analytics looking into just how phtablet users use their devices says a lot about their practical function as communication tools. Based on its report, phtablets are not exactly used by electronic consumers as much as their mid-sized […]

Facebook alleged to unveil “Facebook OS” next week


For the past couple of years, talk of a “Facebook Phone” has been up and about, hinting the social network giant’s intent in taking part the mobile phone industry. With rumors noting that HTC is to be commissioned in developing a “Facebook Phone”, the “leaks and newsbits” of its development have been silent for some […]

Samsung still the king according to latest Gartner Report


Based on the latest Gartner Report, Samsung continues to be the leader in the mobile/smartphone market, standing out as a proud distinction which Samsung, Samsung mobile owners and stakeholders bear with them. Rated to have sold 384 million units in 2012, with 106 million in the last quarter of the year, the numbers prove to […]

“Android iPhone” once again in the news

Android iPhone

Premium Android-device owners, like those who own a Samsung Galaxy S3, will certainly find a new newsbit circulating around the net to be interesting – an “Android iPhone” is soon to be found in Brazil. When we last talked about the “Android iPhone” developed by Gradiente Electronica SA, a Brazil-based consumer electronics company, we pretty […]