Sonic the Hedgehog for Android

Sonic the Hedgehog – more well known simply as Sonic – stands to be one of the world’s most readily recognizable characters, standing along Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong.

Considered to be one of the main pillars of the classic gaming industry, Sonic had successfully propelled Sega as a game console and game developer, just with how Mario did wonders for Nintendo.

Sonic Jump

But as new game titles featuring Sonic have been somewhat “slow” of late, an updated version of Sonic the Hedgehog has become quite a hit for iOS device users, with the release of a Sonic the Hedgehog for the mobile platform by Apple.

Recently, a new version of Sonic, called Sonic Jump, was made available in Google’s Play Store, making the availability of the new Sonic game “comeback” open to Android-smartphone and/or tablet users.

Rated to price at $1.99, Sonic Jump doesn’t just feature Sonic, but also highlights Tales and Knuckles, something which every Sonic the Hedgehog game fan is quite familiar with. Bearing the game’s original “side-scrolling” gameplay aspect, the title is also primed in brining the new generation of gamers to the world of Sonic, to test their mettle and see how they fair out with one of the great game title classics.

Bearing the distinct flavor which had propelled Sonic to international acclaim, those in search for a game title which brings about the air of nostalgia, as well as those in search for a game title that would truly test their mettles, will find a log in Sonic Jump.

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