Mastering pronunciations with Sounds: The Pronunciation App

conversation pic

Based on the best selling book “Sound Foundations” by pronunciation expert Adrian Underhill, Sounds: The Pronunciation App for Android smart devices has only one goal: to help electronic consumers master the nuances of the English language. Perfect for students and educators alike, the application is widely described as the “ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid for […]

New Tasker for Android now available


Power Galaxy S users are well aware of how beneficial auto task applications can be – made to automate different actions in the context of predefined dates and time variables. Tasker remains to be one of the best in the market today, as the suite recently rolled out a new and updated version, developed with […]

Up to 30 photos per second with Fast Burst Camera

fast burst camera

While the average smartphone user is keen on downloading and installing camera apps that are calibrated to churn out quality photographs and stills, a different kind of camera app on Google Play affords users with burst-shooting modes that can capture up to 30 photos per second. Aptly named Fast Burst Camera, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy […]

XnSketch Pro: Digital Illustrations made Easy


Though it can be said that digital illustration cum image manipulation apps are a dime a dozen in Google Play, not all of the apps featured in the online venue effectively lives up to the expectations of users. XnSketch Pro – a simple but comprehensive digital illustration and photo manipulation suite made for smartphones and […]

The TSF Shell 3D Launcher for Android


As one of the newest launchers developed for the Android ecosystem, the TSF Shell 3D Launcher stands by the ideals of giving device owners the option of truly customizing their launchers in their own terms and particulars. Far from your average Android launcher, the suite is more than just about aesthetics and design, developed with […]

Clean up your S3 with KS Mobile’s Clean Master

KS Mobile’s Clean Master

It’s no secret that cache cleaners for the Android mobile OS stand to be one of the most commonly encountered tools and utility-type apps on Google Play. If you’re in search for the best of the heap, KS Mobile’s Clean Master is the best, must-install cache cleaner app that is truly worth your while. Cleaning […]

Download Premium App Exynos Overclock

Exynos Overclock

*****ROOT Needed******* Limited Launch Sale with huge discount! Grab the deal now.A single app to control your EXYNOS Processor. Control heat and get most from your phone/tablet battery. Have an edge over others even when using same device! An app that allows tuning CPU/GPU and monitors various parameters of hardware to give you insight of […]

Download Premium App ET Advance

ET Advance

Advance on your next exam! New update includes over 1,100 practice questions to prepare for your exam. Real Navy Electronics Technician learning. Over 1,000 pages of study material. Electronics, Wiring, NEETS and more! You can study, take written and voice notes, use practice exams in the App to check your progress and play a couple […]

Download Premium App Intonatio


Intonatio is a mobile app designed to help you improve your intonation. The app provides you with a series of exercises and games in which concentration, hearing and memory are essential. To improve our sense of pitch, it is important for us to experience and recall sensations, both while we’re playing and when we’re listening […]

Download Premium App Rainbow Dash GO EX Theme

Rainbow Dash GO EX Theme

Update: Be sure to go to our Facebook page and let us know which pony you want next. From the former developers of LulzDogApps comes a Rainbow Dash theme like no other. This is a high-quality “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” theme based on Rainbow Dash for GO Launcher EX. It contains a fully […]