Apple to purchase Beats by Dr. Dre at $3.2 billion, smart move?


According to BBC news, this would be the boldest deal Apple will have in their history of acquisitions. What’s in it for Apple? For the headphones, aside from being fashionable with its array of colors and designs, it also has clever branding and a good influential product strategy endorsed by football players and other artists. […]

A game worth the wait: Watch Dogs

watch dogs

Alright, please settle down. We know full well that our hands are itching, and our accounts are fully ready for whatever cost the game may charge us today that’s about to quench our thirst after being satiated by Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed. If you don’t have the game consoles, you better make new […]

Tablet as big as a coffee table


Cigarettes, coffee, and a tablet that’s as big as a coffee table. What could be more perfect? For adults only please. Well now that a Corrales, New Mexico based company “Ideum” has created a 46-inch HD display, optional Android or Windows tablet, this will surely complement perfectionists and tech geeks’ cravings of having a perfect […]

The tactile response promise of Tactus


While the working premise of Tactus turned heads its way in this year’s CES 2014, the difference between the start of the year and now is found in how it is well on its way into production – heralding a new age in the area of touch screen and tactile keyboard standards. At its most […]

Rumor: The ‘droid will sport newer, flatter look

android new flat icons

Amidst all the upcoming Google I/O news and feature stories, a “leak and newsbits” bit touching up on Google’s plans for the mobile OS has recently come up, delving into Google’s alleged plans of redesigning the Android ecosystem with a newer, flatter look. Based on a series of leaked images featured on Android Police, it […]

Samsung reinvents the Galaxy Ace to Galaxy Ace Style

galaxy ace style

As an entry-level series, Samsung’s Galaxy Ace lineup has proudly stood out in the budget friendly Android smartphone marketplace, affording electronic consumers with a quality product that gets the job done. Well aware of how important solid entry-level and mid-level series offerings are in propelling a brand’s stature, the Korean smartphone maker recently announced a […]

The new Galaxy K

galaxy K embedded image

Samsung recently sent invites to different digital media outfits for an event calling them to “Kapture the Moment”. Slated to happen this April 30 in the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore, the Galaxy K – once dubbed as the Galaxy S5 Zoom – is expected to make its debut on that day, with its […]

A new smartphone competitor is coming

amazon smartphone

Tighten your grip as a new giant non-phone maker wants to get a bite of the Apple, and to become a new playmate of Samsung. Preparing for the release of a new smartphone by July this year, Amazon is squeezing itself in the device tournament, reported by The Wall Street Journal. Trying to expand their […]

The New Must Have Virtual Assistant – Cortana


If you are familiar with Siri, iPhone’s popular virtual assistant, and Google Now which probably what you have with your Samsung handset, now you can have both virtual assistants in one! Microsoft’s Cortana is a mixture of Siri’s attitude and Google Now’s anticipation, sprinkled with dusts of other commands from Windows. Cortana automatically comes with […]

Anonymity App: The New Teenage Rage that Sparks Outrage


Have you used Yik Yak? Though this app has been around Google Play Store, it has been spreading like a virus in teenage societies. Jokes were posted, it’s good, but with negative remarks and rude comments, some people just went too far and this app is highly blamed because nobody can monitor who is saying […]