A new smartphone competitor is coming

amazon smartphone

Tighten your grip as a new giant non-phone maker wants to get a bite of the Apple, and to become a new playmate of Samsung. Preparing for the release of a new smartphone by July this year, Amazon is squeezing itself in the device tournament, reported by The Wall Street Journal. Trying to expand their [...]

The New Must Have Virtual Assistant – Cortana


If you are familiar with Siri, iPhone’s popular virtual assistant, and Google Now which probably what you have with your Samsung handset, now you can have both virtual assistants in one! Microsoft’s Cortana is a mixture of Siri’s attitude and Google Now’s anticipation, sprinkled with dusts of other commands from Windows. Cortana automatically comes with [...]

Anonymity App: The New Teenage Rage that Sparks Outrage


Have you used Yik Yak? Though this app has been around Google Play Store, it has been spreading like a virus in teenage societies. Jokes were posted, it’s good, but with negative remarks and rude comments, some people just went too far and this app is highly blamed because nobody can monitor who is saying [...]

BlackBerry Faces Hard Fall in Phone Market

dark flower

The Canadian smartphone manufacturer faces a huge drop in terms of profit from up to $1 billion this year. Despite launching the BlackBerry 10 last year and quickly cutting its expenses at present, with iPhone and Android rivals hovering on the background, BlackBerry needs a brilliant strategy to re-emerge in the arena. Colin Gillis, an [...]

AT&T and T-Mobile Taking Orders for Samsung S5 Shipped Globally this April

at&t and Tmobile

The giant telecommunication companies AT&T and T-Mobile have taken and will continue taking orders for the new Samsung S5, the new smartwatch or Samsung Gears. With the new smartphone and smartwatches to be shipped in different countries this April 11, these network providers are anticipating higher rates of calls from orders. Verizon and Sprint have [...]

Moto 360


Motorola produces its own wearable Android device and is said to be released next quarter. It will be the first round-shaped smartwatch tailored for the standard comfort and familiarity with a more complicated technological style. Based on the video, it’s the most stylish and elegant-looking smartwatch made since the wearable device era. Putting style aside, [...]

The Gear 2 makes its debut


As a follow up to its Gear smartwatch line, Samsung recently turned heads its way in announcing the Gear 2. The said announcement was quickly followed up by rumors delving into an alternative Samsung-branded smartwatch in the Gear 2 Neo. Hardware specifications-wise, the Gear 2 highlights an improved 2 megapixel camera, 4 gigs of internal [...]

February 23 marked as S5’s unveiling day


While the leaks and rumors revolving around Samsung’s next gen Galaxy S5 handset can’t be described as anything new, the latest in the fray gives a specific date for the alleged unveiling of the new Galaxy S model, brining something new altogether. As with last year’s salvo of Galaxy S4 rumors, blogger Eldar Murzatin managed [...]

Enter: The USB Type-C Connector Standard


As the long standing connection standard found on Android-based smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, the micro USB has significantly become linked with Android devices, from tablets to phtablets. But as predominant micro USB may be, talk of the USB consortium currently working on a new USB connector standard is rife online, predominantly [...]

HP’s Rumored “Note-Inspired” Smartphone


Talk of HP set on rolling out a “Galaxy Note-inspired” smartphone has recently come up, following after an interview published on 9to5Google. Based on the interview, sources indicate that the alleged device is slated to come with a 5.5-inch sized screen, matched with a competitive set of hardware features and functions, with the said device [...]