Download free app: SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader with logo

If you’re a music lover and you wanted some songs but couldn’t find them in the record store, here’s SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader allows you to listen, download songs, and put them in your phones. If you really like the music and the artist, kindly buy the original. Otherwise, here’s a new mp3 downloader that […]

Download free game: Break Bricks


Break Bricks is an arcade game. Simple but good enough to pass the time when you’re bored. Description Break Bricks is #1 highly anticipated arcade game filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed levels. With new power-ups smartly layered onto the classic gameplay, Break Bricks is more challenging and engaging. Familiar to play, yet hard […]

Download free game Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

zombie diary 2

Developed by Mountain Lion, if you were one of those who enjoyed the first one, Zombie Diary: Survival then this second one is more than just survival, this is to pump more of those adrenaline powered days. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution will no doubt follow the first one to be a hit for action game […]

Free Download: Metal Slug Defense


If you have played Metal Slug when you were young, this newly-released game app will give you nostalgia. If your brothers or sisters haven’t, it’s time they get to experience the joy of simple yet entertaining games that once made you happy. Good for ages 12 and up. Description Update of the Wi-Fi Versus Mode. […]

A game worth the wait: Watch Dogs

watch dogs

Alright, please settle down. We know full well that our hands are itching, and our accounts are fully ready for whatever cost the game may charge us today that’s about to quench our thirst after being satiated by Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed. If you don’t have the game consoles, you better make new […]

Monitor you mobile’s internet connection with Connection Tracker

connection tracker

With today’s range of unlimited access mobile internet subscription plans and promotions offered by internet service providers to electronic consumers, the “fear” in being overcharged for mobile internet connections is no longer all that big a deal – with a new type of “fear” taking its place: not knowing just what one’s smart device is […]

Organize your playlists and tracks with Pimp My Music


Galaxy S3 and S4 users who are keen on keeping their music collections organized will appreciate the upsides boasted by Pimp My Music, an intuitive audio file tagging/organizing app made for the Android ecosystem. Available in free and premium app variants (no ads for premium versions), Pimp My Music essentially links with online album and […]

Mastering pronunciations with Sounds: The Pronunciation App

conversation pic

Based on the best selling book “Sound Foundations” by pronunciation expert Adrian Underhill, Sounds: The Pronunciation App for Android smart devices has only one goal: to help electronic consumers master the nuances of the English language. Perfect for students and educators alike, the application is widely described as the “ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid for […]

Updated Dropbox Android app: Better PC integration and newer icons


In its thrust towards helping smart device owners seamlessly manage and synchronize data across multiple desktop and mobile device platforms, Dropbox recently rolled out an updated version of its dedicated Android app, highlighting better PC integration, new interface changes and performance enhancement fixes. Currently on version, the new Dropbox app features an intuitive method […]

Facebook to implement “Nearby Friends” feature


In what has now been described by various digital media outfits as part of Facebook’s “reinvention campaign”, the social networking giant recently announced the soon-to-be implemented “Nearby Friends” feature for Facebook for mobile. Basically, the feature affords Facebook for mobile users with a real time means of knowing about their friends’ whereabouts, as it is […]